26,455 lbs.

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The A-series represents the pinnacle of the Carer technical department’s research. It’s an environmentally friendly, noiseless forklift truck that’s an excellent alternative to regular IC forklifts and helps minimize your work’s carbon footprint. All vehicle functions are controlled by advanced electronics with two microprocessors and regenerative braking. The electrical brake system is highly effective and durable. Braking, releasing the accelerator, changing the direction, and positive dynamic braking are all ways to regenerate energy. The truck can make more contact with the ground because the electric brake is independent of tire-to-ground friction.

Technical Features

With IP54-protected drive motors that reach up to 5,400 rpm, Carer’s A120X electric forklifts continuously provide the torque needed to manage the most difficult tasks. They have a large diameter, solid, super-elastic front and rear tires, travel speeds of up to 20 km/h, and lifting rates of up to 0.5 m/sec. As a result, the A120X provides operators with identical ride qualities as pneumatic tires but with higher traction.

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The Benefits of the A Series

  • High Torque and Performance Levels
  • Ideal for Multi-Shift Applications
  • Advance Multi-Functional Display (AMD)
  • Enhanced Operator Comfort for Long Shifts
  • Specially Designed Hydraulic System
  • Unique 96V Operating System

A80X Electric Forklift Specifications

Capacity26,455  lbs.
Load Center24"
Tires355-65-15 Front/ 300-15 Rear
Travel speed20 km/h
Hoisting speed0.5 m/s
Battery96V 1720Ah

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