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ProMat 2017ProMat, the largest exhibition show for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America, is happening this April in Chicago, Illinois. From Monday, April 3rd to Thursday, April 6th, ProMat 2017 will be hosting over 850 exhibitors, leading education seminars, and creating networking opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to talk to industry professionals about current trends, productivity solutions, and the future of the industry. Furthermore, there will be demonstrations, keynote speakers, and did I mention it’s free to attend?

ProMat, sponsored by MHI, is a platform that aims to answer the question, “is there a better, faster way?” and with attendees from more than 110 countries, the answers and solutions to your business’s problems are within your grasp.

So, what do you need to know?

Registration: Even though it is free to attend ProMat 2017, you still need to register.


Exhibition Hours

April 3rd-5th: 10:00AM – 5:00PM

April 6th: 10:00AM – 3:00PM

Layout: The ProMat 2017 show floor is divided into three solution-specific centers: manufacturing and assembly solutions, fulfillment and delivery solutions, and information technology (IT) solutions. You can find the Carer booth in the center for manufacturing and assembly line solutions!

Education: ProMat is hosting “an extensive educational conference that runs concurrently with the show and includes sessions on improving operational productivity and visibility in manufacturing, distribution and in the overall supply chain.”

Keynote Speakers: For all the registered attendees, there will be a series of free keynote presentations taking place each day.

Keynote speakers include:

Andrew Winston
Sustainability expert and author of Green to Gold

Markus Lorenz
Partner and managing director, The Boston Consulting Group

Earvin “Magic” Johnson
Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises

In addition to keynote speakers, there will be approximately 100 expert-led sessions “conveying a broad array of supply chain, material handling and logistics topics.” To learn more, click here.

Networking Events:

MHI is sponsoring three networking events:

Women in the Supply Chain Industry Forum
MHI Young Professionals Networking Event
MHI Industry Night with Dana Carvey

Admittance to these events is not included in your registration. If you are interested in attending, click here for ticket information.

ProMat 2017 is a conference that combines education with live demonstrations. Representatives from Carer Electric Solutions will be at booth S1259 to answer all your questions about how to reduce your carbon footprint, how an electric forklift can benefit your business, and more. To help answer your questions about electric forklifts, the A100X, a 22,000 lbs. capacity forklift, will be on-site, along with an R160, a 34,000 lbs. capacity forklift.

For more information about Carer, call 1-844-33-CARER(22797) or e-mail

For more information about ProMat 2017, visit

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