• Large Capacity ForkliftsMay 24, 2022

    The Large Capacity Forklift: Carer A140-160S

    Carer’s AS series electric forklifts now include the A140-160-Short, a large capacity forklift with 35,000 pounds and a load center of 24 inches.

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  • The A250-300X series forklift from Carer hoisting a shipping container outdoorsApril 28, 2022

    Electric Intermodal Port Forklifts

    Carer Forklifts are electrifying seaports. Welcome to an emissions-free future.

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  • Carer A140-160sApril 19, 2022

    Carer A70X: The Green Forklift with Grey Paint

    The new Carer A70X is the green forklift with grey paint. Read more about Carer’s zero-emissions equipment.

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  • Carer R70HD Electric ForkliftMarch 27, 2022

    High-Capacity Electric Lumber Forklifts from Carer

    Carer Forklifts is the premier manufacturer of electric forklifts for lumber applications. Read more about how Carer is changing lumber handling!

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  • December 23, 2021


    Carer is your conductor for rail car or shipping container loading. Do you use a railcar or a shipping container to transport your goods? Do you face the same difficulties as people around you? Railcars and/or cargo containers are frequently…

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