• Carer Forklifts Launches A Series Electric Forklift at CeMatAugust 1, 2020

    Port Terminals, Steel or Lumber Industry?

    Do you operate in a lumber, steel, or port type environment? If so, that means you are challenged with moving extremely large, heavy loads that require forklifts with very high capacities. Until now, the main solution available to the industry…

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  • July 17, 2020

    Higher Performance Associated with Greater Autonomy: Carer’s Latest H² Updates

    Committed to its founding mission to develop and advance technology in the material handling, Carer is launching further H2 updates to the Z 60-80H2, Z 80@900-100H2 electric forklift trucks. The first models to be updated, the Z 60-80H2 and the…

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  • Carer_KR55H2-ShortMay 20, 2020

    Need a Rail Car or Shipping Container Loading Solution?

    Do you move your product by rail car or shipping container? Loading and unloading rail cars or containers are often done with IC forklifts. Carer electric forklifts have revolutionized the rail car and shipping container loading industry. In the pulp…

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  • Carer_Electric_Forklift_InnovationsFebruary 27, 2020

    New Innovations in the World of Carer Electric Forklifts

    Carer believes we are at the most remarkable period in the nearly 200-year long history of the electric motor. Manufacturers like Carer are always testing the limits to see just how advanced these motors can be. The results have been…

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  • Carer SteelJanuary 13, 2020

    Why Make the Change from Internal Combustion to Electric?

    A growing number of companies in the steel industry are converting their fleet from internal combustion to electric. Carer has designed an electric 96-volt high-capacity solution for indoor applications. They have also ensured that these forklifts will perform well in…

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