• May 26, 2021

    Why Carer’s Industrial Lift Trucks Are Perfectly Designed for the Steel Industry

    With their advanced, lithium-powered solutions, high volt operating systems, and advanced componentry, CARER’s industrial lift trucks help define how industries, such as the steel industry, can convert their forklift fleets to electric.

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  • The CARER Z series 100-160 H electric forklift modelApril 30, 2021

    What’s Special About Carer’s Z Series Electric Forklift?

    Our featured model of the month is the CARER Z series. With close to fifty years as an electric forklift manufacturer, CARER has been a pioneer in developing high-efficiency electric forklifts. The Z series is no exception. With a capacity…

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  • The back side of the Carer A 160-200 @ 1200X electric forkliftMarch 18, 2021

    Carer Launches the New Carer A 160-200 @ 1200X Electric Forklift

    The new Carer A 160-200 @ 1200X electric forklift has been specifically designed to replace internal combustion trucks. These powerful forklifts handle a multitude of applications where molds, containers, and large loads are handled, and where electric solutions have never…

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  • A K-series Carer electric forklift loading a shipping containerNovember 13, 2020

    Handling Materials in Confined Spaces?

    For loading or unloading shipping containers, you need a high capacity machine with dimensions and handling designed for confined spaces: Meet Carer’s K-Series.

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  • Carer Forklifts Launches A Series Electric Forklift at CeMatAugust 1, 2020

    Port Terminals, Steel or Lumber Industry?

    Do you operate in a lumber, steel, or port type environment? If so, that means you are challenged with moving extremely large, heavy loads that require forklifts with very high capacities. Until now, the main solution available to the industry…

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