• Carer Electric Forklifts Launches new TechJanuary 7, 2019

    Carer Electric Forklifts Launches New Technology

    Carer Electric Forklift Solutions recently closed the sale for five model A80/900 electric forklifts for a wood processing facility in the Southern USA. These units have a 17,500 lb lift capacity at a 36″ load center and will maintain this lift capacity…

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  • Carer Electric Forklifts are Proven in the MarketSeptember 24, 2018

    Myth 5 – Electric Forklift Technology is Too New and Untested

    The first forklift manufactured was an electric unit. 15 years ago, 35% of the sit-down counterbalance forklifts sold in North American were electric. Today, nearly 70% are electric drive units. The key objections to acquiring electric forklifts are no longer…

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  • Carer Electric Forklifts Work in All Weather ConditionsSeptember 3, 2018

    Myth 4 – Electric Forklifts Won’t Work in Our Environment

    Did you know that electric forklifts can operate outdoors in all weather conditions? Much the same as their ICE forklift equivalent, electric forklifts can operate outdoors in rain and snow, even extreme hot and cold temperatures. Like the advances proven…

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  • R70H working in lumber applicationAugust 13, 2018

    Myth 3 – Electric Forklifts Are Much More Expensive

    An electric forklift is only more expensive if it costs you more in the long run, and it doesn’t. When all operating costs are considered including adjusted life cycle depreciation, extended operating life, reduced maintenance & repair costs, energy consumption,…

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  • Z120HDJuly 23, 2018

    Myth 2 – A Battery Doesn’t Provide Enough Power for My Application

    Are you aware that not all electric forklifts are built equal? Each electric forklift can be configured with very different power systems (battery and charger) to meet specific operational expectations. Carer offers varying energy consumption performance capabilities across 46 different…

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