• Carer R70HD Electric ForkliftJune 27, 2018

    How Do You Justify The Acquisition Price of Electric Forklifts – Case Study

    Another leading home and building supply company in the Pacific Northwest switches their entire forklift fleet from LPG and diesel to electric. Learn why they made the switch to electric…

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  • Carer Electric Forklift Customized for the MilitaryMarch 29, 2018

    Handling in the Military: The Carer Solution

    Carer created two machines for a major international safety organization, to be used for loading and unloading cargo planes on military bases. It is a compact machine capable of working in containers and is easily transported. The quality and customizability…

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  • Carer in the Iron and Steel IndustriesMarch 28, 2018

    Carer Electric Forklifts Serving the Steel Industry

    An increasing number of companies in the iron and steel industries are converting their fleet of forklifts from internal combustion to electric. Carer provides them with a solution for handling large loads inside logistics centers and manufacturing plants. The elimination…

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  • Supercapacitors increase energy efficiency in Carer forkliftsMarch 27, 2018

    Supercapacitors: Reducing Energy Waste by Increasing Autonomy

    Carer continues to work towards greater operating autonomy for its electric forklifts. The latest innovation is the use of supercapacitors to support the main battery. The most common concern with electric forklifts is to have an adequate energy autonomy to…

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  • Carer & Curtis Instruments, a partnership for efficiencyJanuary 10, 2018

    Carer and Curtis Instruments, a Partnership for Efficiency

    Recently Carer has collaborated with Curtis Instruments, a company that deals with integrated systems and solutions for electric or hybrid vehicles and equipment. The relationship between the two companies aims to improve efficiency in electric forklifts and return the same…

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