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The back side of the Carer A70X

Carer has been at the forefront of electric forklift design and development for nearly half a century. Despite the numerous constraints that have developed in recent years, Carer has remained committed to transforming the green forklift market.

Carer released its renowned A160-200@1200X, the first outdoor electric forklift truck capable of competing with the most powerful diesel forklifts in 2020.

Not resting on their success, the Carer A140-160-Short, a ground-breaking solution, was introduced in 2021. This A series truck stunned the market with its relatively tiny footprint and ability to maintain high capacity, with capacities ranging from 31,000lbs to 35,000lbs at a 48inch load center.

As we approach the midway point of 2022, Carer has launched another titan with the A70X. The electric forklift industry demanded a 15,500lbs electric truck with the same design and performance as the much bigger AX versions, therefore this model was born. As a result, an electric solution with reduced capacity and a smaller footprint was developed, with a highly efficient 96-volt operating system.

The new A70X is a high-capacity electric forklift perfect for applications demanding maximum lift heights in restricted places and designed for indoor and outdoor use. When introduced in Europe, this electric forklift was immediately in demand in the lumber, steel, paper, gypsum, cement, aluminum industries, and other manufacturing plants.

Visually, the machine is identical to the A80X model, which weighs 17,500 pounds. The A70X is built on the same chassis and structure but with different components, such as hydraulics and an inverter. Carer created a solution that can deliver the same level of performance and efficiency as the higher capacity AX series, but at a lower capacity and price point, by altering the individual components.

Carer’s engineers looked closely at how they could create a system that could perform in tight and restrictive locations while building this new compact AX model. They could preserve stability while enhancing maneuverability by redesigning the mast assembly and integrating super-elastic tires with a smaller surface area. This helps to solidify Carer Forklifts as the green forklift brand.

Another essential characteristic of the Carer A70X is the significant cost savings. It has fewer moving parts than an IC forklift of comparable size, reducing the number of intervals required for examining or replacing worn components. Fewer parts equal significant cost savings in terms of maintenance. Fuel savings, a longer life cycle, and reduced tire wear and consumption would result in additional cost savings.

Using Carer forklifts contributes to most organizations’ green initiatives, as they must adhere to stringent anti-pollution measures to comply with international legislation. Carer is the answer for high-performance green forklifts: grey on the outside, green on the inside!

Key Specifications:

  • Two traction motors supplied by AC are integrated into the front axle, resulting in increased acceleration, torque, and travel speeds.
  • Long operating times, thanks to a highly efficient 96V operating system and a lithium battery with a capacity of up to 1548 Ah – suited for high utilization, three shifts, and 24 hours a day, seven days a week application.
  • Electric hydraulic brakes.
  • Advanced multifunctional display.
  • Tilt cylinders are mounted on the overhead guard, giving it more stability and reducing the risk of damage.
  • At maximum lift heights, the six carriage rollers offer stability.
  • For cornering, the mechanism can be programmed to reduce the travel speed.
  • Automatic parking brake.
  • The cab is mounted on silent blocks, to eliminate sound and vibration.
  • Standard rear-view camera.
  • Proportional electro-hydraulic valve bank with three functions and three fingertip mini levers.

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