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 Carer customization for Renault Thanks to the supplying of forklifts to the Renault plant in Flins, Carer confirms its ability to meet the excellence customers needs and the flexibility to adapt to the specific characteristics of the every working place.

Carer has delivered four units R65H SPED specifically designed and manufactured for the Renault company branch “Pierre Lafaucheux” in Flins. A structure of 237 hectares started in the 1952; the Flins branch is the biggest and oldest Renault plant still working in France.

The plant in Flins is characterized by tight handling spaces: for this reason Carer has developed, through its department of special SPED forklift trucks (Special Products Equipment Department), a forklift truck suitable for handling heavy and bulky loads, such as bodywork components, in narrow aisles well defined both in height and width.

These forklift trucks are, as all Carer’s products, designed to meet specific customer needs. As a matter of fact, the driving position has been designed to meet and satisfy the driver comfort and safety, creating a comfortable cabin able to ensure the maximum visibility and the easier and faster access.

Then from the power supply point of view, Carer has been able to meet the needs of Renault, preparing the batteries recharging system in specific charging area in Flins plant in addiction to the fact to provide the possibility to use the specific equipment that they already had.  in possession of Renault. The battery autonomy allows to work  three shifts on 24 hours, to ensure the continuity of the working cycle.

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