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Carer Electric Forklift SolutionsDo you have a high capacity electric forklift option to offer your customers looking to combat carbon tax? Carer Electric Forklift Solutions is the only company in the world to offer electric forklifts with a pneumatic-style chassis with capacities of up to 35,000lbs and they are attending ProMat 2017 this April! Carer will be at booth S1259, and Eric Halfnights, the Director of Business and Development at Carer, is taking appointments to discuss green materials handling solutions and dealership opportunities.

For over 40 years, Carer Electric Forklift Solutions has been a pioneer in the development of high capacity electric forklifts and has developed a world-wide reputation for designing, customizing, and manufacturing reliable, industry-leading electric lift trucks. In 2014, Carer, based in Italy, expanded to North America, bringing their robust line of electric forklifts to the North American market. In this market, Carer offers customers over 53 different standard chassis configurations with a focus on lift capacities up to 35,000lbs. Furthermore, their Special Product Equipment Department’s development team is able to design special machines to meet the needs of various applications or make specific changes to existing models to better fit a customer’s application.

In just a few years, Carer has established themselves as a leader in the North American forklift market, working with companies like NASA and bringing green alternatives to industries including lumber, beverage, pulp and paper, automotive, and iron and steel. Paul Ferrell, Modern Group’s President and CEO, is a proud Carer dealer and sees “Carer as a new frontier in high capacity materials handling. This line is a powerful addition to our growing forklift sales operation, bringing exciting opportunities to us and to our customers.”

Dealers are finding that the Carer product line is setting them apart from their competition. Jerry Weidmann, the President of Wolter Group LLC, tells us:

“The Carer product line has helped position Wolter Material Handling Corp., a member of Wolter Group LLC, as a leader in material handling innovation. With new technology in electric forklifts, it’s exciting to assist heavy industries moving loads upwards of 30,000lbs in switching from diesel to electric lift trucks. It allows them to re-invent their work environment by becoming safer, cleaner, and quieter, as well as more cost efficient in terms of maintenance and upkeep of their forklift fleet.”

Carer at ProMat 2017

If you are interested in becoming a Carer dealer, or learning more about their product line, visit Carer Electric Forklift Solutions at booth S1259, in the center for manufacturing and assembly line solutions. The Carer A100X, (a 22,000lbs capacity forklift) will be showcased as the latest display of innovation from Carer, a robust model designed to transition companies from diesel to electric. In addition, the R160 (a 35,000lbs capacity pneumatic-style forklift), ideal for high capacity operations that value zero emissions and a lower operating cost, will be on display at the show. Call Eric Halfnights at 1-844-332-2737, or visit to learn more about the Carer product line.

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