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An increasing number of companies in the iron and steel industries are converting their fleet of forklifts from internal combustion to electric. Carer provides them with a solution for handling large loads inside logistics centers and manufacturing plants.

Carer in the Iron and Steel IndustriesThe elimination of harmful emissions along with the attempt to improve their environmental footprint and the quality of their work environments are leading more and more industries to switch from forklifts with internal combustion engines to electric forklifts.

This is a trend that also involves the iron and steel industries, which is historically one of the most resistant to change due to the type of intensive handling required. While previously electric forklifts were not considered efficient enough to manage this type of work load, Carer is contributing to a change in the perception of the electric forklift.

In fact, the iron and steel industries is the area in which most electric forklifts express their maximum value, offering customers great reliability and excellent performance as well as the opportunity to significantly save on operating costs thanks to the use of electricity instead of increasingly costly fuels.

Carer also offers forklifts designed with special attention to operator ergonomics in order to facilitate the work, even during prolonged shifts. As usual, further attention is paid to battery changing operations, which can be performed quickly and with complete safety to ensure minimum downtime.

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