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Carer electric forklifts are becoming a popular solution for a wide variety of industries and applications. From warehousing and industrial, to steel and paper, Carer has developed custom solutions for many unique requirements. This has resulted in enhanced productivity alongside reduced overall operating costs. In addition to their power and versatility, Carer electric forklifts are relied on for their ability to work in sensitive environments.

This is especially true for the Space industry, as Carer electric forklifts are currently being used to handle core components for NASA. These components consists of four propellant tanks, each of which will be used for the Orion spacecraft. The Orion spacecraft is designed for exploration, surveillance, and general research purposes.

A Carer Electric forklift and team at NASA Site

What makes these units suitable for this task is their ability to excel in “clean rooms”. These are spaces where air and environmental conditions are strictly regulated and maintained. A complete lack of emissions and reduced heat production are some features that make these units ideal for sensitive work environments. Their ability to accurately and safely handle heavy materials also makes them a perfect fit for the job.

Carer electric forklifts will be used to move four propellant tanks:

  • 2000 L capacity per tank.
  • 1154mm diameter with a height of 2542mm.
  • Pressurized at 25 bar.
  • Two with mixed oxide of nitrogen (MON).
  • Two with monomethyl hydrazine (MMH).
  • Nine tons of total fuel capacity.

By providing these units for NASA, Carer has demonstrated their ability to support industries with unique needs and high standards. Whether you’re working in forestry, paper, warehousing, production, steel or even the Space industry, Carer can help. By providing innovative material handling solutions, Carer can help any operation become more productive and cost effective. Contact us today for more information on Carer’s lineup of all-electric forklift solutions! We’ll work with you to determine the perfect unit for your needs.

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