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Carer A80-900X Electric ForkliftCeMAt 2016, in Hannover Germany, proved to be the perfect stage for the launch of Carer’s new line of high capacity A Series electric forklift. The introduction of the new A80/100x Series at one of the most important supply chain and intralogistics expositions proved to be a successful unveiling, garnering significant attention. Designed for the most challenging outdoor applications, the Carer A80/100x series has been constructed to replace all internal combustion forklifts regardless of the operating environment.

In response to the success at Cemat 2016, Carer Sales Manager Antonella Ghini of Italy, states:

“Carer is extremely happy with the results of the CeMat 2016 show. After an overwhelming response of customer interest and a number of orders at the show, we are confident that the new A series Carer truck fulfills the needs of customers looking for a high performance, green solution that also performs like an IC (internal combustion) truck, while significantly reducing maintenance and fuel costs”

Speed and Maneuverability

Acknowledging the need for exceptional speed, performance and maneuverability, Carer created a series as powerful as their internal combustion forklift counterparts. Designed specifically for every type of outdoor environment and weather exposure, the A Series Electric forklifts are available in capacities up to 22,000 lbs. and has a staggering maximum top drive speed of 12.5mph (20Kmh).   The electrical system components are protected against the intrusion of dirt and liquids. The large diameter front and rear tires are a solid, superelastic material which provides similar ride characteristics to a pneumatic tire with better traction in snow and icy conditions.

“The North American market is fully prepared to recognize the need for cleaner operating forklifts without compromising operational and financial performance.  Carer has developed the A80/100x series to achieve both of these demands.  End users considering a change from internal combustion trucks to electric do not need to consider themselves as the “guinea pig”, as Carer has been researching, developing and providing electric forklift solutions since 1976.  The new A Series electric forklift is simply an improvement to 40 years of engineering progress” states Eric Halfnights, Business Development Manager, Carer North America.

Energy Efficiency

Carer A80-900X Electric ForkliftWith a unique operating system at 96 volts, two 48 volt standard batteries, and a specially designed hydraulic system,  the A80/100x model is available to operate in all applications with high operating hours over multiple shifts.  This Carer model provides an enormous “gas tank” of battery energy with a capacity of 1680Ah.

“Leavitt Machinery has been supplying Carer trucks to our markets for 2 years now.  After completing power consumption studies for a number of customers wanting to install Carer trucks into applications that require high daily operating hours, we have received positive results. We can report with confidence that internal combustion trucks, previously operating at up to 4200 hours per year, can be replaced by a Carer electric forklift without the need for additional spare batteries,” as noted from Mike Skinner, Carer Product Manager, Leavitt Machinery.

Carer, as well as representatives at Leavitt Machinery, are excited about the future of the new A Series electric forklifts. After hearing from customers and seeing such a positive response at CeMAT, they believe that the design, power, and energy efficiency this line exhibits will be instrumental in the shift from IC Forklifts to high capacity electric forklift solutions for extreme outdoor applications.

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