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carer_israele-detailCarer carries on its path of internationalization. In March the company, rapidly growing among the market players in Europe and worldwide, sold its first forklift truck (F80HD) to Emcol, an intralogistics company in Israel.

Emcol, an established reality in the world of intralogistics on the national territory of Israel, is one of the longest-lived companies working in the field of engineering systems and technical appliances, responding to the needs of thousands of customers in various sectors.

Carer and Emcol have recently signed an agreement making Emcol an exclusive dealer for Carer in Israel. Carer will deliver an F80HD forklift truck in order to carry out tests in various facilities. Designed to withstand long operating times at very high performance levels, F60-80 HD (Heavy Duty) can be considered the highest expression of the principles and technology developed by Carer over the years.

Thanks to the super steer axle, the electronic differential, the noticeable compact design of the forklift truck and maximum comfort of the driver’s seat, the F60-80 HD is the right forklift truck for particularly heavy duty applications, even in confined spaces.

Fitted with two 20 kW traction motors and a 45 kW AC hoist motor, this forklift truck can reach a speed of 18 km/h in traction mode and 0.48 m/s in hoisting mode. The position of the battery, between the wheels, allows for a quick and easy lateral extraction, which means it is much easier to change the battery. The specific design that makes the equipment extremely compact, the super steer axle for extreme maneuverability and high performance of the motors make the forklift trucks suitable for heavy-duty applications with high performance levels and long production cycles. The option of adjusting the parameters of the electronic system with an advanced multi-function display means the forklift truck settings can be customized according to operator applications and routines by achieving a balance between high performance or long operating time.

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