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A Carer A series with a paper roll in the paper and pulp industry

Do you work in a paper mill or corrugated packaging factory? Are you looking for a forklift that can keep up with your workload? Historically, the paper and pulp industry has, exclusively, been the realm of diesel forklifts. This is mostly because it is an industry that requires higher capacities from their equipment. Even though it used to be a diesel-focused industry, we are pleased to announce that Carer’s electric forklifts have what it takes to replace the need for diesel-powered engines. Thanks to particular innovations—especially in terms of higher capacities and longer operating hours—we have electric lift trucks that can do the job just as good, if not better, than their internal-combustion engine (ICE) counterparts.

Here are a few reasons why you should go CARER—and electric—for your material handling needs in the paper industry:

Carer Comes Compact!

Ever heard of the saying “good things come in small packages?” We understand that, in the pulp and paper industry, you can be working in tight and cramped environments with bulky products or loads. That’s why our lift trucks can come in lengths that are, at least, a foot shorter than internal-combustion forklifts. For this reason, we can guarantee greater maneuverability when working in small and confined spaces. So, if you are having trouble managing in tight spaces with large paper rolls, CARER is here to help.

Take, for instance, the CARER Z60 H. These electric lift trucks have been designed to guarantee high performance, while maintaining long operating hours. The Z60H—having an overall width of around 65-inches—has also been built with a compact design. This means that this model has an excellent turning radius. So, you can spend less time on tasks, allowing you to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

At CARER, we are also focused on the comfort of the operator. We understand that, if the operator’s stress levels are down, the overall performance of the job goes up.  That’s why we make sure to offer several customizations—such as a rear-view camera, a cushioned and heated seat and an inclinable steering wheel—to support the operator.

Electric Forklifts That Are #1 in Performance

Looking for high-performance? Look no further! CARER’s high performance lift trucks can directly compete with any diesel-engine forklift.

In the paper and pulp industry, we understand that operations are mainly carried out in indoor environments. In these environments, bulky and heavy products—weighing upwards of 2.5 tons!—are handled on a daily basis. This means you need a forklift with a capacity within 6 to 9 tons—so that you have equipment that can keep up with your production.

The compact CARER A80 X (capacity of 17,500 lbs) is ideal for the paper sector because of its high maneuverability. With the customization option of operating with a single front wheel (instead of a twin), it is perfect for handling operations in tight spaces. This model also has travel speeds of up to 20 kilometers (approx. 12 miles) per hour and lifting speeds of up to 0.5 meters (1.6 feet) per second.  

With a large selection of capabilities, CARER offers forklifts that can meet the need of any job. So, if you are looking for longer run times (such as triple-shift applications), CARER will have the right fit for your job site. Want to learn more? Contact us today to learn about CARER’s powerful battery options.

Zero Emissions in Indoor and Outdoor Environments

Did you know that electric forklifts guarantee greater energy efficiency in comparison to internal combustion engines? By going electric, you are gaining features you may never have considered! Here are a few benefits to going electric:

  • An overall reduction in operating costs (maintenance fees)
  • Elimination of gas emissions
  • Reduction in vibrations & noise

With the elimination of gas emissions comes a few additional benefits. Not only are there environmental and health benefits, but also operational benefits. With no emissions, CARER forklifts can be used in indoor as well as outdoors settings! Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of going electric? Check out our blog post: Carer Electric Debunks 6 Myths About Electric Forklifts.

Meet Carer’s Product Range for the Paper Industry

Thanks to the versatility of the brand, CARER has a huge range of machines that are ideal for every need in the paper industry. So, no matter what you are looking for, we have the perfect machine for you! Check out a few of our series that work especially well in the pulp and paper industry:

  • The Z Series: Very compact with a high seat, this forklift is designed with comfort in mind for long operating hours.
  • The F Series: With lower clearance, these machines are suitable for operators who have to get off and on frequently during work shifts. It has two types of engines: H and HD2 (Heavy Duty) depending on your power requirements.
  • The A Series: With a performance comparable to diesel machines, this lift truck is suitable for working in indoor and outdoor environments over uneven terrain.

All things considered, we think that electric forklifts are the future of the paper and pulp industry! With all kinds of advancements, CARER is the best solution if you are in the market for a new lift truck for your operation. Looking for more information or interested in talking to an expert? Please contact us to learn more.

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