Carer Forklifts: An Innovator in Forklift Design

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Founded in 1976, Carer Forklifts is considered a pioneering business in the application of electronic principles and technology in forklifts. In the European markets Carer continues to expand, being recognized for the reliability and innovation of their environmentally friendly materials handling equipment solutions.

Carer Forklifts

Electricity. Power. Reliability.

Specializing in making counterbalanced electric forklift trucks, Carer forklifts provides industry leading solutions for standard applications and special handling needs. This global business of motivated customer service experts listen to, guides and follows customer recommendations to address the unique needs of every application. Now more than ever Carer is looking to the future with ideas and passions that will position them as market leaders in electric forklift solutions.

Our production

Carer Forklifts’ manufacturing philosophy is based on the principles of island production, ensuring the highest level of specialization and efficiency during every stage of construction. Carer technicians pay the utmost attention to detail during every manufacturing stage, turning their professional approach and experience into highly reliable and top performing products.