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Just over a year ago Carer exhibited plans and programs for the company’s future. The new developments in Carer’s technology promise to revolutionize the electric forklift industry. The Carer 2018 Global Meeting held in Ravenna brought all of Carer together for the first time. According to the words of Marketing Director Luca Spreafico, Carer is “on the verge of a new technological revolution,” which is a crucial evolution of the electric forklift.

Carer’s Journey Towards Revolutionizing the Forklift Industry


During the conference Carer’s technology development plans were exhibited. Innovations in the fields of batteries, engines, and lift capacity were on display. This reaffirmed the identity of Carer and its ability to create tailor-made solutions and special projects. A recent example is a special lift truck made for NASA and was able to work in conditions providing zero contamination.

Technical assistance as we know it will soon transform. The advancement of internet, augmented reality, and large data transfers make it possible for technicians to help people remotely. It’s possible to train from a distance, 3D print spare parts remotely, and collect data on electric forklift operation.

These innovations will positively impact the performance of electric forklift trucks. The challenge that Carer continues to win is to make the electric forklift an alternative to the diesel counterpart, without compromising performance.

In terms of power supply there will be more developed solutions related to supercapacitors. This can increase the autonomy of machines and prolong the life cycle of batteries and lithium batteries. New possibilities will open for partial and fast charging, guaranteeing a reduction in the downtime of the machine. Engines are being designed with internal magnet synchronous motors with high voltages and liquid cooling systems. These advancements help to increase the overall efficiency. Carer has an explicit goal: to create electric forklifts with capacities of 35 tons with performance and speed comparable to diesel machines.

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