Cement Factories Experiencing the Electric Revolution

Many cement factories have decided to turn to Carer to convert their forklifts to electric. They have been embracing the opportunities for saving money with electric power. When choosing Carer for your electric forklift provider, this choice also pays off in terms of compactness and reduction of emissions.

Cement factories are a sector that have a lot to benefit from the opportunities offered by electric forklifts. Several customers have in fact turned to Carer even though they already had an electric forklift fleet. They are driven by the possibility of additional energy savings through our battery technology.

The Z60H Series is the Ideal Choice for Cement Factories

The trucks normally used for the handling of sacks of cement have a capacity between 6 and 8 tons. For example, our Z60H can provide an estimated annual energy saving of more than 22,100 USD. Over 110 USD per day (calculated on 220 working days in a year, 8 hours a day).


In addition, the Z Series by Carer guarantees the possibility of lifting objects from the center of gravity of the forklift, out to 2200-2400 mm. This means the forklift can lift two concrete pallets in a row, increasing efficiency while working.

The machines designed for the cement factories are very compact. They are also equipped with a singular rubber coating, a solution that makes them convenient for the collection of the sacks of cement from the roller conveyors. This prevents any dust, debris, or particulate from making it into the battery. The ability for Carer forklifts to work in environments saturated with fine powders is noteworthy.

Carer also guarantees the highest quality in the customization and integration of different attachments. All Carer electric forklifts have a quick and safe coupling and release device. It is therefore possible to replace the forks with a bucket or other attachments. With a lifting height up to 10 meters, the ability to use different attachments is ideal for the loading of the spheres in the grinding mill.

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