Compact and High Performance: The New F Series Models

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Did you know the F Series expanded? In 2017 Carer created the F80/900HD2 and F100HD2 electric forklifts to extend the F Series. There is a higher capacity available and a container-specific option.


Carer has expanded the F Series range by proposing an upward extension of its compact model. The F Series up to this time had covered a lifting range between 7 to 9 tons. Now with the F80/900HD2 and the F100HDS lift trucks allow the lifting of between 8 and 10 tons. This lifting capacity comes with a center of gravity on the forklift of 900 mm.

The two additional F Series electric forklifts retain the special characteristics of the standard F Series models. These include double motors with hydroguides, front and rear powered axles, powerful hydraulic components, and high-swing cylinders for maximum stability. This is matched with the compact chassis of a counterbalanced forklift to match the market demand for machines that can fit inside containers with high lift capacities.

The container version of the F Series comes equipped with dedicated protection on the frame to protect the forklift while moving in and out of containers. The operator’s seat is also lowered deeper into the chassis, allowing the entire forklift to be more compact.

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