Does Your Forklift Get Stressed Out? Find Out Why Carer Uses Infrared Cameras To Help Reduce Stress

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A thermal test image of a Carer electric forklift

At Carer Electric Forklifts, we understand that it’s not only the operator that has to work under a lot of stress, but also the forklifts themselves! During operation, a forklift on any given day is working double shifts and putting their moving parts under a lot of intense strain. That is why all prototypes made by Carer’s design department must undergo thermal testing. This way, we can guarantee that you are getting a machine that can handle stressful situations without breaking a sweat.

Why perform thermal testing on forklifts?

Thermal testing is a fundamental step in the pre-production phase of our electric forklifts. Before the launch of any electric forklift prototype on the market, our technicians will check stress points of that machine. They do this through the use of infrared cameras that highlight areas where the most heat is generated. By putting every prototype through this form of testing, we will immediately be able to discover any anomalies or issues.

The thermal camera picks up temperatures from the following components:

  • Cables
  • Batteries
  • Hydraulic cylinders (used for lifting or tilting)
  • Tires
  • Front-wheel drive reducers (mechanical and electric parts)
  • Hydraulic components (outside the truck)
Thermal image of Carer forklift hoses

Through thermal testing, we are able to simulate all the operating and environmental conditions in which the trucks will operate. This way we can establish whether all the components of the machine, from the electrical cables to the oil of the hydraulic circuits, remain within specifications.

Carer’s thermal testing process  

During thermal testing at Carer, the lift trucks are taken through their usual operational use. This operation is necessary in order to stress their moving parts and components. Afterwards, technicians will verify that all moving parts of the machine adhere to appropriate temperature parameters. Additionally, we can also ensure that the cooling systems in place are working correctly.

Thermal image of Carer A series forklift

In thermal photographs, the violet-blue colors indicate the coldest zone, while the yellow-white sections are the warmest. These temperature readings are then recalculated based on the standard room temperature in order to confirm that the machine is operating within optimal temperature ranges.

By performing thermal testing on all our electric forklift prototypes, we can guarantee that you are getting a high performing electric lift truck to keep up with your busy workload. So, you don’t need to stress the small stuff because Carer is on the job!

Choose Carer Electric for your new fleet

Interested in going electric for your fleet? Carer’s electric lift trucks are highly customizable to your particular application. Additionally, our high-capacity options are a great (not to mention greener) alternative to standard internal-combustion (IC) engine lift trucks.

If you still have some concerns about going electric, check out our blog post: Carer Electric Debunks 6 Myths About Electric Forklifts.

Want to talk to a member of our team? We would love to hear from you! If you have specific questions about our electric forklifts and your industry, please contact us today. You can also check out our Product Range for a full list of models.

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