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Carer created two machines for a major international safety organization, to be used for loading and unloading cargo planes on military bases. It is a compact machine capable of working in containers and is easily transported.

Carer Electric Forklift Customized for the MilitaryThe quality and customizability of Carer electric forklifts is conquering the most varied application sectors, even in delicate areas such as the military field. Carer was chosen by a major international safety organization to supply two forklifts used mainly for loading and unloading air cargo pallets used on military airplanes.

The two machines are based on model F90HD2, a compact machine capable of easily working inside containers. The machine is equipped with a wide range of sensors to ensure safety during handling, as well as a motorized roller for picking up and unloading pallets.

The small size allows the transport of the two forklifts in a plane without requiring long and complicated dismantling and assembly procedures. The machines can be unloaded directly at new bases or wherever needed, ensuring immediate operation.

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