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Carer’s constant commitment to providing its customers with reliable, high-performance machines at highly competitive prices has achieved new success in the forestry and lumber production industries. Carer is increasingly seen as the best option for lumber yard forklifts by facility operators who are conscious of fuel costs, operator safety, and environmental impact. 

Why choose electric counter-balance forklifts?

Forestry customers have signaled the need to replace the internal combustion machines in their fleet with high-autonomy battery operated forklifts. For these customers, the Carer A90X and F90HD² have the specs they need to get the job done. These machines are equipped with a wide plate, side shift and lumber fork positioner, and twin tires, ideal for handling wood panels, which can reach a width of over 18’, up to a lifting height of about 18’. Carer compact electric forklift trucks can also mount a mechanical plate up to 13’ wide, handling panels without flexing. 

The best forklifts for lumber yards and sawmills 

The advantage of Carer’s battery-operated forklifts is performance: their 12-mph top speed and ability to handle materials in extremely small areas set them apart from the competition. Combine this with high operating autonomy and massive savings on fuel costs; they can replace diesel machines of the same capacity. The changing relationship to IC vehicles makes switching to electric vehicles attractive for lumber handling facilities. Electric rough terrain forklifts reduce carbon output and environmental impact. They also save the operator a considerable amount of money on fuel expenses and are compliant with stringent bans on IC vehicles that are being tabled in some states, ensuring your equipment purchase is one with longevity. 

Safe and efficient electric vehicles for material handling

From a technical perspective, the A90X is a revolutionary electric forklift truck designed for handling lumber materials in tight areas with a load capacity of over 9 tons. Its two powerful AC traction motors, installed at the front of the machine, deliver speeds of up to 12 mph and lifting rates between 1.2 and 1.6 ft/sec. Operator comfort and safety are at the forefront of Carer’s electric forklift design. Carer forklifts come equipped with super-elastic tires and a 5.7″ multifunctional display that allows the operator to control all the truck’s settings and parameters (speed, direction, charge status, consumption, voltage, hours worked). Safety is ensured by comprehensive front visibility, a rear camera, and an automatic slow-down system when steering. 

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