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Committed to its founding mission to develop and advance technology in the material handling, Carer is launching further H2 updates to the Z 60-80H2, Z 80@900-100H2 electric forklift trucks.

The first models to be updated, the Z 60-80H2 and the Z 80@900-100H2 are already in the delivery stage. This series has helped forge the history of Carer starting back in the late nineties. At the time, direct current motors underwent their first technical redevelopment, as well as in 2013 with the transition to AC electric motors. Now, after 7 years, this series has gone through another update, while still retaining the characteristics that made them popular in the first place. Characteristics such as: (1.) Maintaining a smaller footprint, (2.) the elevated driving position and enhanced visibility, and (3.) the position of the battery that delivers high residual capacity, have all stayed the same.

The main innovation that has taken place relates to the Traction Units. Instead of the previous single drive motors with a standard differential, the Traction Units now have a more efficient twin-drive motor with an electronic differential. This update improves the overall performance of the machine. This allows for a significant increase in autonomy (although the battery has remained identical) and greater reliability. Other innovations to highlight are the updates to the ergonomics and operational safety. These innovations provide the operator with a quiet and more comfortable operating experience.

Another key update involves the reassembly and optimization of the hydraulic system. Both the transition from metric to ORFS fittings, and the implementation of flat-face seals, have resulted in better sealing of fluids. This reduces the risk of possible oil leaks during longer periods of use. It is a circuitry standard introduced in the Z series. This standard is considered to be of the highest level among manufacturers globally.

The z 60-80H2 by Carer Electric Forklift in a warehouse.

Carer has integrated all these modifications without having to increase the current price of the units. By doing so, customers will have access to a higher-performing vehicle without being subjected to cost increases.

There have also been several updates implemented into the Z 60-90H2 series. These include modifications that allow for the H2 series to use the same batteries used for the HD2 version. For all intents and purposes, the new F 60-90H2 is the entry-level version of the HD version. It differs in several aspects related to the standard components and accessories. The update, for example, has a single lift motor that is considered more efficient and reliable. This allows for an equally high performing machine, while taking in to account an advantageous price point.

For more information on the H2 updates of the Carer electric trucks, please contact us.

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