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Many areas of technology are rapidly advancing. This is largely due to what industry experts are referring to as an “industrial revolution”. Industries are making the switch from IC to electric forklifts, thanks to this revolution.

Electric motors and batteries are becoming less expensive, more powerful, and less difficult to produce. These developments started the revolution. More operations and jurisdictions are looking to reduce their emissions and environmental impact. Though LPG and diesel continue to be the most commonly used fuel, we believe full-scale change is on the horizon. Many operations are starting to look at their operating budget to try and reduce costs. The most obvious area is fuel. There are many other areas that can see a cost reduction when switching over to electric.


Electric motor technology is here to stay. Carer Electric Forklifts is making this a reality for the material handling industry. Our lineup offers high capacity and performance along with reduced fuel consumption and emission output. This makes them the perfect choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor operations. The following is a list of the benefits our customers have experienced while operating a Carer electric forklift.

Customer Benefits to Using Carer Electric Forklifts

Lower maintenance costs – An internal combustion forklift typically has 1100 parts. A Carer electric forklift has approximately 90 parts. There is a significant reduction in wear and tear on internal components over time. Every repair takes less time because it is easy to access to every area of the forklift.

Lower emissions – Every Carer electric forklift produces zero total emissions. There is no harmful carbon monoxide or greenhouse gases for operators or nearby workers to breathe.

Less noise – Fleets of IC trucks produce a lot of noise. It’s one of the biggest complaints from operators, other staff, and neighboring businesses. With quieter electric machines, work sites become a pleasant environment—not a deafening one. Lithium batteries combined with Carer’s “Steer by Wire” technology greatly reduces noise associated with hydraulic steering and gear pumps. This ensures that every forklift runs quietly. It has even gone so far as to eliminate the need for ear plugs for some models.

For these reasons, electric forklifts are the ideal choice for indoor warehouse situations. There are no harmful fumes to expel. That means expensive ventilation is not required. With the Carer electric forklifts, it doesn’t just stop at the warehouse door. Unlike any other high capacity electric forklift, Carer can operate just as easily outside as it can inside.

Industries Switching to Electric Forklifts

Paper Industry


By learning reasons why the electric revolution is becoming so widespread, we can better understand why the material handling industry is embracing it. Time and time again, we are seeing our customers switch to electric instead of overhauling their entire operation or facility. The paper industry, for example, has changed dramatically over recent years. Mills have to produce other products in order to stay afloat. Facilities are also producing large paper rolls, meaning they have a need for larger and more powerful machines.

Carer’s high capacity electric forklifts are regularly used in the paper industry. The increasingly bigger and heavier reels allows our electric vehicles to shine. We are able to separate ourselves from all other solutions and help the industry keep up with its demand.

With numerous model options available, you can choose a very specific solution for a very specific job. Even when fit with clamps and custom attachments, our electric forklift trucks ensure high productivity in confined spaces and impressive stability. This is especially so when compared with traditional LPG or other electric models.

Lumber Industry

Storing, handling, and moving loads of wood in congested indoor/outdoor environment is a challenge faced by the lumber industry every day. Despite this challenge, the trend to increase the size of the lumber and the loads being carried continues. In this competitive landscape, efficiency, space, and keeping transportation costs to a minimum are all major areas of focus.

An efficient, high capacity machine with maximum run time capabilities is required. This is causing many lumber companies to wonder if their application has outgrown their machines. When looking at an IC truck this might be the case. However, as more and more lumber companies use Carer’s electric trucks their confidence in future operations increases.

Carer’s A series truck is compact, powerful, and features high ground clearance. This allows operators to quickly move large loads over debris-covered lumber yards and through the warehouse. Carer eliminates all indoor fumes, machine noise, and the risks of fire.

Iron & Steel Industry


Steel plants, forging plants, foundries, and manufacturers in general are undoubtedly some of the most challenging sectors for forklift trucks. However, this is also the sector where Carer electric forklifts excel. By offering countless economic benefits, advantages in terms of space and reliability, as well as reduced environmental footprint, a Carer electric forklift is the perfect choice for the iron and steel industry.

Carer has custom designed an electric high-capacity 96 volt solution for indoor applications in confined spaces that require great stability. In this sector, the amount of weight and the size of the goods that needs to be moved is ever-growing. The industry also required an increasingly eco-friendly approach, meaning that electric lifts are becoming increasingly popular. They allow for handling that does not affect the assembly chain and reduces overall maintenance costs to a minimum.

An increasing number of companies in the iron and steel industry are converting their fleet of forklifts from internal combustion to electric. This has led to the elimination of harmful emissions within the facility, a reduction of their environmental footprint, and a quieter operation.

Electric forklifts were once thought to be a poor choice for the iron and steel industry. Carer is contributing to a change in the perception of what electric forklifts are capable of. Operations around the world are switching from IC to electric because of the new high capacities, compact frames, and increased run times.

The Advantages of Choosing Carer

Carer has nearly 40 years of exclusive focus on designing, developing, and manufacturing electric large-capacity forklift trucks. We forge products that excel in performance, offering longer operating times and reduced energy costs. These advantages allow us to present an efficient and powerful alternative to internal combustion forklift trucks.

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