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Carer understands success in the material handling industry relies on the continued innovation. Fork trucks need to be faster, longer lasting, and more productive. There is a demand to do more in a shorter period of time. This gives the upper hand to those that can fit more work into a single day. A business heavily relies on the efficiency of the operator when handling materials. However, an operator is only as efficient as the machine they are using. These machines are only as efficient as their power source.

The lithium-ion forklift battery will revolutionize the materials handling industry. When you research lithium-ion versus lead acid batteries, it becomes clear that they are superior to the lead acid battery. They could even push the internal combustion (IC) motor to extinction.

Let’s look at some of the major advantages of powering your fleet with state-of-the-art, lithium-ion equipped Carer forklifts.

One of the main advantages to the lithium-ion battery is the potential cost savings. It’s true that lithium-ion forklift batteries do cost more than lead acid batteries up front. However, they last 2-3 times longer and create huge savings in other areas. This guarantees a much lower total cost of ownership.

A lithium-ion battery provides a 40% increase in efficiency compared to lead-acid batteries. This provides substantial cost savings because less money is spent on energy to charge batteries. Lead acid batteries are bad at charging and discharging. You will see a decrease in amps during charging, and a quick decrease in voltage during discharge. This decreases the total capacity of your battery.

The lithium-ion batteries in Carer forklifts maintain a stable voltage output, unlike lead acid batteries. This stable voltage reduces the current drawn through the electrical components. This helps to reduce heat output and ensures longer component life. The extended life cycle reduces depreciation, maintenance, and repair costs. Consistently reliable performance will also increase up time.

Comparing the lithium-ion battery to diesel, you can see up to an 88% reduction in energy consumption costs. These numbers make it easy for a business to ask: “Why have we not made the transition to electric forklifts?”

Save time and money with lithium-ion batteries.

It’s easy to quickly charge the lithium-ion battery in a Carer forklift. They can charge throughout the day in 15 or 30 minute intervals. They can be charged to full capacity in one to two hours. Lithium-ion batteries replace the need for having backup lead acid batteries for multiple shifts. By charging periodically during breaks, the lithium-ion battery in a Carer forklift can be used continuously. Your operation will run smoothly, increasing overall productivity and reducing charging time.

Another advantage to using the lithium-ion battery is that operators are not required to perform maintenance. The batteries are expected to easily last the usable life to the machine. The batteries are sealed and don’t contain acid, so weekly watering and equalization charges are unnecessary. A lead acid battery requires ongoing equalization. It removes sulfuric acid deposits that form when the battery is undercharged. This recurring process can take up to 10 hours, adding to a forklift’s downtime and reduced overall productivity.

Another disadvantage of lead batteries is the need for additional storage space. There are risks involved with spills and fumes. Operations with numerous forklifts are forced to save valuable warehouse space for a well-ventilated battery room. Lithium-ion batteries do not require a battery room and there is no risk of spills or fumes. Additional capital also does not need to be tied up in spare batteries.

The demand for powerful, clean, cost effective solutions in the material handling industry is growing fast. Many businesses ask: “do Carer forklifts have the output for my application and daily operations?”

At Carer we like to lead by example.

That is why our articles include new examples of companies who have made the transition to Carer Electric Trucks. Our most recent success story is with a large lumber producer in their new mill in the Southern USA.

This customer is building one of the most advanced lumber mills in the country. They are expanding their business to lower haul costs and increase production. Industry leaders are impressed, describing the new facility as cutting edge and innovative. Despite their forward thinking, the operation will still require machines that are up for the task. This customer has also become one of the first to take their forward thinking outside of the sawmill to their mobile equipment fleet. Why would you continue with costly and inefficient mobile technology when you know there are high capacity Carer forklifts available for your needs?

The main operational requirements were long shuttles, quick directional changes, and extended run times with multiple shifts. This customer decided to build their fleet of forklifts using the Carer A80/900X. These units are being supplied with lithium iron phosphate batteries. The chargers included have a 500-amp output that will provide ultra-fast charging. This eliminates the need for storing spare batteries. These trucks require zero maintenance. The lithium iron phosphate batteries also have an exceptionally long life span. They are completely safe to use in an industrial application. It’s also easy to recycle the batteries at the end of life. Finally, they are expected to easily last the usable life of the Carer A80/900X forklift.

A80/900XA80-900X & 100X series: Capacities ranging from 17,500 lbs up to 22,000 lbs. The full rated capacity is available with a lift height up to 19.6′. The 96-volt operating system provides high-efficiency energy consumption and long operating time. Other features include high-performance dual drive motors, elevated seating position, large diameter super elastic tires, and all-weather cabin options. This series is a great fit for steel, lumber, and multi-pallet handling applications.




Carer Electric Forklifts has the right machine for any heavy-duty application in the most aggressive operating environments. Please contact Carer Electric Forklift Solutions at 1-844-33CARER (1-844-332-2737) for information on how Carer can support the integration of industrial electric forklifts into your facility.

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