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IMG_20150806_113651copiaKarl Pichler is one of the leading Italian manufacturers and distributors of high quality wood. Established in 1958 in South Tyrol, the heart of timber in Italy, they currently have three plants in Italy and one in the Austrian district of Innsbruck.

More than just a leader in high quality wood, Karl Pichler was one of the first companies to invest in high capacity electric forklifts. They believed in the advantages an electric forklift could offer their business, energy and cost savings as well as the elimination of harmful emissions and noise pollution. A demanding company with high expectations, they took great care in choosing the most suitable forklift for their facilities.

After several tests, Karl Pichler chose two Carer F70H electric forklifts, and they have been operating in their Bressanone plant since last summer. Combining the ability to lift heavy and wide loads, the F70H still able to deliver a great driving experience with its compact frame and adaptable performance levels.

They chose the Carer F70H because they felt it was the most suitable solution for their company’s needs in terms of maneuverability and the ability to adapt to the operating needs of their facility. The low seat position enables operators to easily get on and off frequently, while the two lateral 96V batteries provide long lasting power for long shift and multi-shift applications.

Karl Pichler represents an important opportunity for Carer to approach a market which has historically been sensitive to environmental issues and energy conservation. To learn more about how a Carer forklift could reduce your carbon foot print and save your company money, contact us today.

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