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Carer's high capacity K-series forklift loading a shipping container

For loading or unloading shipping containers, you need a high capacity machine with dimensions and handling designed for confined spaces. That’s why Carer has created the K-Series forklift truck with capacities designed for 9,000lbs to 24,000lbs.

The High-Capacity Forklift Designed for Small Spaces

Do you move product by railcar, shipping container or work in a similar industry with confined spaces? Are you in search of a machine that can handle your specific industry requirements while still maintaining a small footprint? When looking at the specific challenges that all industries face, especially industries relying on high capacities to handle their product, removing obstacles while keeping costs low is essential. That’s why, at Carer, developing innovative solutions is what we do.

For almost 40 years, Carer’s cutting-edge technology has made us a world leader in the production of high-capacity electric forklifts just like the K-series’ high capacity forklifts. These forklifts are specifically designed for maneuvering in challenging environments.

Why Choose Carer’s K-series?

With the K-series, you don’t need to be bothered with pushing or dragging product inside small spaces because we have a machine that can do that for you. With its low-clearance, the K-series is capable of handling heavy loads inside of standard-size containers. It will speed up operations and remove the potential safety risks associated with manually moving goods. Also, with the digital advanced multi-function display (AMD) you can balance performance and battery operating time to work with your operator’s driving control. The K-series is a reminder of Carer’s commitment to designing equipment for specific operational needs.

Key benefits of the K-series:

  • Designed to Handle Equipment in Containers
  • Advance Multi-Functional Display (AMD)
  • High or Low Pan/Lift Cylinders (depending on model)
  • Compact Sizes
  • Wide Maneuverability During Challenging Handling Maneuvers
  • Lower Running Costs
  • 9,000lb to 24,000lb Load Capacity
  • And Much More!

With a load capacity from 9,000lbs to 24,000lbs, the K-series has been designed to efficiently complete material handling operations – so get ready for maximum operator productivity during the whole work shift!

Meet Carer’s K-Series Models

KR45-80H² with capacities from 9,000lbs to 16,000lbs, an 80-volt chassis and 24” load center.

KF60-90H²: capacities ranging from 13,000lbs to 19,600 lbs with a 96-volt battery and 24” load center.  

KF60-90HD² with capacities from 13,000 to 19,600lbs, 96 V and 24” load center.

KF80-100H² with capacities from 17,600lbs to 22,000lbs and a 96-volt battery.

K100-120ZH: capacities ranging from 22,000lbs to 26,000lbs with a 96-volt chassis configuration for high-efficiency operation. Very low limited height access including shipping containers, mining, heavy industrial, and port terminal operations. All-weather cabin options available.

Carer’s K-series electric forklifts guarantee high performance even in challenging work environments; they are a reliable and safe alternative for material handling of goods in small spaces. For more information about Carer’s K-series electric forklifts, please contact us.

Carer Forklifts: The Future is Green

Carer Electric Forklifts helps customers reduce their carbon footprint by exclusively offering high capacity electric forklifts that can match the running time of other internal combustion options.

Since 1976, Carer has been manufacturing electric forklifts. Not only do our forklifts provide excellent performance options for all industries and applications, but they also offer considerable savings in general running costs; invest today, save tomorrow!

Carer electric forklifts have all the advantages associated with electric technology without sacrificing performance and long operating ranges. For more information about the Carer Advantage, please contact us today.

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