Myth 1 – Electric Forklifts Have a Limited Lift Capacity

Carer R160

Did you know that Carer electric forklifts are available in very high capacity, pneumatic style chassis? With increasing demands to have high capacity forklifts adhere to Tier 4 compliance, the electric solution is a real alternative. No longer are electric forklifts tied to capacities focused on 3,000 lbs to 10,000 lbs. With advancements in the electrical componentry and higher kilowatt hours, Carer can offer high capacity forklifts with similar performance as their internal combustion counterparts.

Now mines, mills, manufacturers, ports, lumber, pulp, and paper companies can choose from 46 chassis configurations with capacities starting at 12,000 lbs. and going up to 55,000 lbs. with the Carer electric forklift that best fits their capacity need.

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