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New contract with Leavitt MachineryFebruary 6, 2014 – A great 2014 kickoff for Carer Forklifts from Cotignola (RA), who just after 12 months from having being purchased by Unicar spa, it uncorks his first champagne by signing an exclusive contract with the Canadian giant in the handling sector: LEAVITT MACHINERY. This is a leader company in the furniture of trucks and facilities for every handling needs from the industrial sector to the agrarian one, from the warehousing to the forestall.

The handshake between these two stable realities will means the introduction and the sponsorship of Carer forklift trucks range across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico thanks by LEAVITT MACHINERY

It is a very important deal not just for its commercial feedback but also for the image of Carer which in few months has been reborn from its ashes, becoming an highly competitive reality keeping pushing through an unsteady and overfilled market, with grit and professional attitude proposing fearless what just few have dared to, by putting on the market a great product, created after careful and scrupulous researches, reaching a perfect combination between big loads handling capacities and a fully electric engine, adding also the advantage of an irrefutable reduction of operating costs and the total absence of harmful emissions for the environment and workers health

This led to a strong company, fully confident in their products which sparkles in a market that is now graying and static … many news await the New Carer .. to follow it up and get more business information, you can consult Carer’s website or contact its offices.

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