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carer-porto-napoli-detailThe Port of Naples presented Carer with the unique opportunity to build an electric forklift capable of lifting up to 34,000 lbs. that would save energy and handle both hard working conditions and continued exposure to the elements. Carer Electric Forklifts accepted the challenge.

Materials handling in port applications requires equipment that can stand up against harsh environments, heavy loads, long work cycles, and uneven surfaces. They are also required to meet high driving and lifting speeds needed to keep products moving efficiently. For these reasons port operators have traditionally opted for diesel powered internal combustion engine forklifts.

Carer’s design team sat down to develop a solution that could ensure the energy cost savings of an electric forklift, at the same time guaranteeing the great performance in harsh conditions and heavy load applications found in diesel forklifts. The solution they came up with was the Carer R160 Model, the maximum expression of strength and power in the Carer standard forklift range.

The R160 features a fully enclosed, easy access, battery compartment that ensures safe operation indoors and out. Ultra-elastic twinned tires, electronic traction and lifting control give operators maximum performance, while oil-bath brakes guarantee fast and effective braking in any weather.

The final product for the Port of Naples was equipped with a large bale clamp capable of handling bales up to 6 meters high and weighing 16,000 at a 34” load center. Built to endure long shifts and large loads, the Carer R160 has effortlessly adapted to the uneven surfaces and the harsh environment of the Port of Naples.

In the end, Carer was able to reduce the overall operating costs for our customer without limiting them in performance or capacity. Challenge accepted, promise fulfilled.

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