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Beyond the trucks… Technical Support. Literature. Responsiveness.

The strength of a company can be measured not just through the quality of the products it provides, but also with the service level it can offer to customers and partners. From this point of view and with a widespread network of retailers and dealers located on the main markets, Carer can position itself as a complete company capable of meeting any after-sales needs.

Offering tested, guaranteed original spare parts, and qualified technicians who are constantly up-to-date in terms of training ensure quick and effective response times..


Technical Support

The increasing importance of after-sales services is even more pronounced in the case of large-capacity electric forklift trucks that, in the event of downtime, are difficult to replace in company production cycles.

This is why Carer Srl has chosen to focus on reliability and easy maintenance for the models produced, but also to invest in constant training for its technical support team.

With the aim of ensuring an excellent service in line with the importance that Carer’s forklift trucks normally have in the companies they are used in, we are at the service of our Customers and Dealers with our call centre, with which we can ensure support at any time and in various languages. All the members of our team can quickly intervene on site if necessary.

We also hold dedicated training sessions for any kind of machine, both on site and on the systems where our forklift trucks operate. At the end of each course, a specific participation certificate is given to participants, along with the documents used during the course.


All Carer forklift trucks are handed over with all the documents required to meet legal obligations.

The Use and Maintenance Manual and Spare Parts Catalogues have been designed in a simple and exhaustive manner to be full of information and easy to browse if needed. They are available in various languages, both in hard copy and electronic file to meet the various needs of our Customers and Dealers.

Spare Parts

Our warehouse in British Columbia and Washington State enables us to provide spare parts for all Carer products to customers across North America.

Carer provides a proactive parts distribution structure that assures each customer receives attentive parts support which ensures higher productivity and uptime. Our advanced web portal uses industry leading technology to provide exceptional technical service and support for our dealer network.

Our online portal provides easy access to pictures, manuals, wiring schematics, technical sheets, battery compartment measurements, and overall specifications. Technicians and parts professionals can order parts directly from the portal and dissect the machine using our 3D parts and service manual.