Supercapacitors: Reducing Energy Waste by Increasing Autonomy

Supercapacitors increase energy efficiency in Carer forkliftsCarer continues to work towards greater operating autonomy for its electric forklifts. The latest innovation is the use of supercapacitors to support the main battery.

The most common concern with electric forklifts is to have an adequate energy autonomy to support even long working shifts. For this reason, Carer Forklifts has been committed to finding energy efficient solutions to support the productivity of every facility and to ensure that electric forklifts can achieve enviable results when moving materials.

The latest innovation, time-wise, is the use of the supercapacitor, an energy accumulator that functions almost like a sort of auxiliary battery, increasing the autonomy of the forklift by reducing waste.

Due to their chemical properties, supercapacitors charge and discharge very quickly. Because of this, they can support batteries during times of greater stress or during the transitions that occur throughout the various operating phases.

Therefore, during the acceleration phase, the energy peak is taken directly from the supercapacitor, ensuring energy savings during the most consuming time. At the same time, in the regeneration peaks (braking and deceleration), the supercapacitor can recover energy extremely quickly compared to a traditional battery.

What are the advantages? Attenuating the various peaks of current to and from the battery will cause it to be subject to less mechanical and thermal stress. This increases not only the autonomy but also the life of the battery. An example? In the graph, the blue line shows the trend for the machine current with a standard battery while the red line shows the trend for the machine current with a battery plus supercapacitors. Note how the various peaks of current (red line) are rounded thanks to the introduction of the supercapacitors.

Supercapacitors Chart Showing Energy Savings

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