The Large Capacity Forklift: Carer A140-160S


Carer’s AS series electric forklifts now include the A140-160-Short, a large capacity forklift with 35,000 pounds lift maximum and a load center of 24 inches. The A160/ 900S is another model in this line, with a 35,000-pound capacity and a 48-inch load center. Like many of the other Carer models in this line, the AS series is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The ability of this new design to maintain its famous high-capacity range while providing an exceptionally compact and narrow chassis is one of its distinguishing features. It uses a 96-volt operating system and has a footprint similar to that of lower-capacity devices like the A80X, which has a capacity of 17,500 pounds. The A140-unique 160S’s combination of size, power, and efficiency allows it to maneuver in tiny, constrained locations while maintaining a high lift capacity. Steel, paper, and manufacturing are some industries in which this lift is designed to be used.

The A140-160S high-capacity electric forklift maintains the significant technical breakthroughs pioneered by the A series while giving a solution unlike any other in the industry due to the A series’ continued success in these and other industries.

The AS series includes an integrated Terminal West side shift and fork positioner on all versions. The mast was explicitly created for this model and is positioned over the wheels to provide the operator with the best possible vision. The welded profiles, eight bearings, and the plate’s substantially shorter center-to-center distance are crucial to balancing mast geometries and bending and torsion resistance in demanding applications.


High Capacity

The tilt cylinders are attached to the roof structure, ensuring load stability, high residual capacity, and less twisting and stress on the mast. The exposed portion of the tilt cylinder is located at the back of the roof, away from dangerous dust and debris generated by the loads it transports.

Two strong AC traction motors are installed into the front axle of the A140-160S. CARER builds and tests these motors using the most cutting-edge technologies in the industry, and they have a high drive torque that ensures speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.

The motors are highly reliable, long-lasting under stress, and require no maintenance, thanks to rigorous testing and innovative technology. Helical tooth gears ensure excellent performance and significantly reduce noise in the two 20 kW traction motors and the 52 kW pump motor utilized for hoisting.

The AS series motors have an IP rating of 54. The lifts are impervious to dust and water entry from all directions and can be used in humid, dusty, and other outdoor situations. For maximum flexibility and strength, the new front axle comprises two independent units, the right and left gearmotors, contained in a single block.

The durable ultra elastic tires are standard with the AS series. These tires provide a grip on par with or better than traditional pneumatic tires, plus they minimize the risk of puncture and running “under-inflated.” As a result, fuel efficiency and safety are improved, and the operator’s wear time and comfort.

The A140-160S high-capacity electric forklift also has a high level of autonomy because of its excellent efficiency and battery capacity. Like the rest of the Carer product line, the AS series is available with a lithium power solution, which offers a maintenance-free, fast charge option for high-utilization applications.

Fast Charging

Carer is focused on providing solutions that satisfy the needs and wishes of its consumers. As a result, the Carer philosophy has always placed customization and tailor-made solutions at the forefront. This mentality has allowed the organization to respond to application requests promptly.

Some advantages of Carer high-capacity lift trucks include:
• They are as powerful and efficient as combustion trucks;
• They are cost-effective.
• They are safe, ensuring a healthy workplace free of pollution, vibrations, and noise.
• They are eco-friendly.
• They can be tailored to meet the special requirements of multinational clients, including tailoring forklift charging areas to meet customer needs.

CARER has the right machine for any heavy-duty application in the most aggressive operating environments. With various large capacity forklifts for sale, Carer is your partner in material handling.

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