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The CARER Z series 60-80 H in a steel plant

Our featured model of the month is the CARER Z series. With close to fifty years as an electric forklift manufacturer, CARER has been a pioneer in developing high-efficiency electric forklifts. The Z series is no exception. With a capacity range from 13,000lbs to 36,000lbs, the CARER Z series has been designed to operate in very confined operating environments, where minimal space is available. Furthermore, its high performance, long operating time, and lower operating costs make it ideal for the steel distribution and processing, smelting, aerospace, automotive, paper and cement industries. Here are all the things the CARER Z series has to offer.

The CARER Z series keeps money in your pocket

Although there is initially a higher cost to owning one, the Z series electric forklifts offer a considerable reduction in the overall cost of ownership. Some of the factors that contribute to these savings are the:

  • Efficient high voltage operating systems
  • Low Cost of electricity versus diesel or liquefied petroleum (LP)
  • Reduced service needs and costs

Why is an electric forklift cheaper, in the long run, than an internal combustion (IC) forklift?

The cost of electricity to power a Z series forklift is typically between 12 to 15 percent of the cost of how much it costs to power an internal combustion (IC) forklift. A standard IC forklift can only operate up to eight hours a day before needing be to refueled. That means you constantly need to purchase fuel to keep up with the demands of your workplace. Also, most IC forklifts are made without a built-in gas gauge, making it harder to monitor tank levels for refueling.

Why are maintenance costs cheaper on an electric forklift?

An internal combustion forklift has 1100 moving parts! In comparison, the CARER Z series runs only 90 moving parts. Having less components means less parts that need to be replaced, less technical support, and less service costs. Not to mention, there is no need for oil and filter replacements, which can equate to a 40% reduction in costs alone!

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A compact size makes for a more versatile machine

By elevating the battery compartment and positioning the rear steer axel under the battery, the CARER Z series has a very short overall length. This means that the Z series needs very little real estate to operate efficiently and effectively. It is a high capacity forklift, with extremely high lift capacity, that is able to maneuver in confined and challenging spaces.

Also, by shortening the length of the chassis and repositioning the battery compartment, we were able to raise the operator’s driving position. With a higher operating position, and standard rearview camera, the CARER Z series offers 360-degree visibility. This feature makes operating the Z series not only easier, but also safer.

CARER Z Series: Ergonomically designed for comfort

With efficient, high-volt AC motors, the CARER Z series reduces vibrations and sound. It also eliminates all emissions. This makes for safer conditions for the operator. These features prevent fatigue, back and neck pain, and other long-term health risks. Other features include:

  • Premium, full suspension seat
  • Spacious and comfortable cabin
  • Ergonomic steering confguration

The CARER Z series is not only designed for high performance, it’s also designed for high comfort for the operator. This ensures you are getting maximum productivity during every shift!

High voltage operating system

The Z series uses the 96V and 120 V operating systems, which increases overall efficiency. These highly efficient, high voltage systems increase the forklift’s performance by using lower currents. This process reduces battery stress, battery power, and overall temperatures. The result is a longer battery life, longer lasting electrical devices, and less maintenance and repairs.

The CARER Z series high voltage operating systems means you are getting a high performance, long-running battery. Also, with the motor being electronically controlled, you get exceptional acceleration, high speed, and unmatched maneuverability! The acceleration is smooth and progressive, meaning it is only used when needed. This reduced energy consumption and increases proficiency.

What is so great about CARER Z Series’ electric braking system?

The new 100% electric braking system is mounted directly on the two front traction motors. This system nearly eliminates the need for brake repairs and maintenance! When you combine the programable braking system and the Automatic Speed Control System (activated when cornering), the Z series becomes a safe and efficient solution!

What makes the location of the CARER Z series better than other forklifts?

The tilt cylinders on the CARER Z series are mounted above the overhead guards. This not only ensures better stability and rigidity for the mast at high lift heights, it also reduces the cylinder’s exposure to debris and damage. Carer has uniquely positioned the exposed area of the tilt cylinder at the back. This means that it is well protected from loose debris falling over the mast when lifting products.

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Meet the Z series

Z60-80 H Series: With a range from 13,000lbs to 17,400lbs, this series is designed with a compact footprint and to ensure high performance, long operating time, and low running costs.

Z100-120 H Series: Ranged from 21, 800 to 26,000lbs. This series is designed with a 120-V operating system, long operating times, and a small footprint. The Z100-120 HD is the idea forklift to handle heavy loads with top safety and reliability.

Z150 H Series: with a capacity of 33,000lbs, this Z series is equipped with Vulkollan tires to guarantee a capacity of up to 35,000lbs. With an extremely compact, sturdy frame, this forklift truck is the ideal solution to handle heavy loads in closed and confined environments.

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