Why Carer’s Industrial Lift Trucks Are Perfectly Designed for the Steel Industry

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The Carer A160X industrial lift truck lifting a shipping container in the steel industry

With their advanced, lithium-powered solutions, high volt operating systems, and advanced componentry, CARER’s industrial lift trucks help define how industries, such as the steel industry, can convert their forklift fleets to electric.

For industrial lift trucks in the steel industry, it is all about lifting heavy loads and handling extremely hot liquid metals. This means that lift trucks for the steel industry must be able to endure intense conditions and high-temperatures, while continuing to maintain high-efficiency levels. Although that might seem like a tough bill to fill, the team at CARER has managed to deliver a lineup of high-capacity forklifts that can handle the demands of the steel industry without compromising efficiency or comfort.

Here’s why CARER’s industrial lift trucks are the perfect equipment choice for the steel industry.

All the features you need for the steel industry

Already, CARER industrial lift trucks have features that promote increased productivity. The operator cabins include air conditioning with compartment fans that are isolated from the chassis. The chassis sits on energy absorbing blocks that eliminate sounds and vibrations, which allows operators to comfortably focus on tasks. Different models also have such features as backup cameras, advance multi-functional display (AMD), and a specially designed hydraulic system.

Industrial lift trucks used in the aluminum, steel coil handling, and automotive industries usually require capacities of 16,000lbs or greater. They also most often require some type of front-end attachment to increase capacity, efficiency, and power. This is because equipment operating in this industry must be able to overcome application-specific challenges. These challenges include:

  • Dealing with extreme indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Handling large and awkward loads
  • Maneuvering on rough driving surfaces

It is these challenges that CARER’s design team kept in mind when designing electric lift trucks for the steel industry.

CARER industrial lift trucks withstand extreme temperatures

Internal combustion (IC) forklifts do not have a good reputation for performing well under extreme temperatures. This can become a problem in work environments, such as industrial foundry, where temperatures can reach up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit! On average, a standard IC forklift operating in this type of application will have many moving parts that give off even more heat. From the engine and transmission to the hydraulic system, temperatures can easily reach hazardous levels. Especially when you factor in heavy loads, long run times, and confined operating spaces.

With all these challenges, it is no wonder that the steel industry is an incredibly challenging industry to operate equipment in.

That’s why CARER’s high-capacity electric forklifts are designed to handle these specific industry standards. Firstly, CARER industrial lift trucks have a fraction of the moving parts compared to IC forklifts. This dramatically reduces heat! Also, to meet the specific safety criteria of the steel industry, CARER offers optional items, such as:

  • High-capacity cooling fans
  • Filtration packages to reduce internal heat build-up
  • Heat resistant hoses with braided-steel cable casing (to prevent drying out and leaking)
  • Heat shields for hydraulic cylinder protection
  • An extended front fender to prevent tires from softening

These are just a few features that make CARER industrial lift trucks a suitable—and electric— equipment option for the steel industry.

Industrial lift trucks that can handle any load

As electric cars become increasingly more popular, so too should the industries that make them! Many successful car manufactures in the steel industry are now coming to the realization that there are electric lift truck solutions available that will significantly improve operation time, material throughput efficiency, and offer a cost savings to their overall operation.

Previously, electric forklifts have not been an option for the automotive steel industry because of the excessive load weight requirements. Material handling in the automotive industry needs industrial lift trucks that can handle large metal sheets and molds for vehicle frames. Typically, such items will weigh between 6 to 8 tons!

Nowadays, CARER has extended lift capacities for our industrial lift trucks. Capacities of CARER models include:

  • 36,000lbs (48-inch load center)
  • 44,000lbs (48-inch load center)
  • 60,000lbs (48-inch load center)

These lifts trucks are powered by lithium batteries that require no maintenance. They can also be customized to meet the needs of any type of application in the steel industry.

The innovation of design in CARER industrial lift trucks has led to a dramatic response from the automotive industry going electric for their new fleets. In fact, CARER is already working with some of the best players in the game with sixteen major automobile manufacturers using CARER electric forklifts in their factories worldwide.

Interested in going electric for your new fleet? Contact us today to find out more about what CARER industrial forklifts can do for your operation.

Meet some of the models designed for the steel industry

Heavy steel coil handling needs an electric forklift that can meet the needs of extreme load capacities. From the manufacturing yard, to warehousing and reload yards, break bulk port terminals, and all the way to the end user, lift trucks are essential to moving this bulky product Enter CARER and our full-lineup of industrial lift trucks that have the versatility to be efficient in numerous operations:

A 160-200 X Series: The A 160 X model, specifically, is a popular choice for the steel coil industry with its 36,000lbs capacity. However, the entire A 160-200 X series offers a selection of features. For example, as size and weight continually increase in the steel industry, CARER is ready with the A200/1200X model. It is rated for 44,000lbs capacity at a 48″ load center.

Z100-120 HD Series: Capacity ranging from 21,800lbs to 26,000lbs. With a 120V operating system that provides maximum efficiency and long operating times. The Z100-120 HD is ideal for handling heavy loads safely.

Z60-80 H Series: A capacity of 12,000lbs to 17,400lbs (24″ load center), 96V chassis configurating and short wheelbase. This series is great for operating in dense warehouse and production environments.

CARER is determined to design industrial lift trucks to suit all industries and applications. That is why we are also developing the A250/1200x at 55,000lbs and the A300/1200x at 66,000lbs (48” load center).

In conclusion, CARER has proven time and time again that moving to electric will only increase productivity and efficiency. With our creative design team, we have the perfect industrial lift truck solution for your steel coil operation. Please contact us today to learn more!

Interested in looking at more CARER models? Please take a look at our product range for a complete list of industrial lift truck models.  

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