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The Carer Advantage: Why buy a Carer Forklift?What is the Carer Advantage? We have almost 40 years of experience in designing, developing and making large-capacity electric forklift trucks. We offer products that are a valid alternative to internal combustion forklifts. Our forklifts offer exceptional performance and considerable savings in overall running costs. They are also a great step in helping customers reduce their carbon foot print.

In the niche market of high capacity materials handling, most manufacturers only offer internal combustion options. Carer is one of the very few companies that exclusively offer high capacity electric forklifts. We also provide custom electric forklift options for special applications.

Why buy a Carer Forklift?

In short, Carer’s forklifts offer all the benefits associated to electric forklift technology without compromising performance.

  • Lower running costs
  • Greater energy efficiency compared to internal combustion engines
  • Less vibrations and noise pollution ensuring operators can work safer, longer
  • No harmful emissions for the environment, ensuring a safer environment for workers

Reducing Running Costs

Buying one of Carer’s forklifts means investing now and saving money in the future. The cost of purchasing a forklift is only a fraction of the overall running costs of a machine. By investing more when you rent or purchase a Carer electric forklift, you get the added benefit of the Carer advantage. Long term cost savings and green materials handling solutions

Comparison on Overall Running Costs of a Diesel/Electric Forklift

The Carer Advantage

Practical Example: Comparison Between a Carer F60H Electric Forklift and a Diesel 60 Forklift

By using two Carer F60H forklift trucks for 8 hours a day for 220 days a year, you can save up to $120,577 over five years compared to two Diesel forklifts with the same capacity.

Average hours of use per year per forklift 1.659 h
Working days per year 220
Calculation period 5 years

Consumption / Fuel & Energy Costs

Battery installed on CARER F60H 96 V 1000 Ah
Charger 96 V 160 A
CARER F60H declared battery uptime 8 hours
Kw needed to charge 152 Kw
Kw cost $0.071/Kw
Diesel forklift truck declared average consumption 7 l/h
Cost of fuel $1.4 /l
Daily fuel cost
Daily energy cost
Annual fuel cost
Annual energy cost
1 year
Cost of fuel over 5 years
Energy cost over 5 years
5 years

Consumption savings in 5 years

The Carer Advantage

Comparison of total costs over 5 years

The Carer Advantage Savings